Monday, September 16, 2013

days of gratitude

Okay, so I've been thinking about doing a 30-day challenge and there are so many ideas in my head that I can pick from, but I want to keep it simple and sweet, and couldn't decide what to do.

And then today, it clicked: I've been meaning to do a 'gratitude journal' of sorts for a looong time now because someone told me I should do one like a year ago, and I just never got around to starting it. So I'm going to combine the two and do a 30-day gratitude journal, and while I'm aiming for 30 days right now, I do hope I can carry it on for longer because can't run out of things to thank God for, once you begin. The sad part is that we normally take so many of those things for granted. I hope this journal will help me become more sensitive to my surroundings and make me a better and happier person.

I posted about doing a 30-day challenge on Facebook yesterday, and a few people seemed interested in doing one too, which is why I'm writing this. If you're reading this, I hope you will join me in documenting the things you are grateful for. My plan is to write down one thing that I am thankful for everyday, and do a quick doodle to go with it. You can incorporate your favorite hobby into yours! A friend of mine is planning to do a photo everyday because she is an amazing photographer and that is what she enjoys doing. Improvise!

I know a lot of the stuff I'm going to write will be personal and I may not want to share everything publicly, but I will probably post pictures of at least my doodles on Instagram and Tumblr. If you are on either and want to follow along, you can find me --> @imaginairyart. I'm going to tag my journal drawings with #thankful30days and #thankfuldoodle, and if you want to join in, please tag your pictures too!

Can't wait to get me a cute journal for this and start tomorrow - September 17th 2013. Let's go! Oh and you don't have to start with me, feel free to join in later if that's convenient for you.

In case you think this is just another excuse for me to go buy a new journal....
You're right. Ha!

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